Saturday Hybrid Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies Degree Completion Program: FAQ

Are you ready to finish what you’ve started, in a unique liberal studies program tailored around the needs of working adults? The Saturday Hybrid Degree Completion Program in the Hutchins School at Sonoma State University is waiting for you! 

Uniquely Hybrid: Designed for working adults, the Saturday Hybrid program features weekly asynchronous online coursework paired with monthly in-person Saturday sessions during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

What are the entrance requirements?
60 transferable semester units with a C average, including Oral and Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and B4 Math (any math that requires intermediate algebra as a prerequisite).  Our advisor will provide pre-admissions guidance to help you determine your eligibility. 

Graduation Requirements?
120 units of approved coursework. 70 units come from your lower division courses, and 50 from coursework through the Saturday Hybrid Liberal Studies Sonoma State Degree Pattern

Program Structure:
One 10-unit course per semester for four semesters, plus 10 additional upper division units.

Program Duration:
Most students complete the program in three to four years. 

$465 per unit for 10-unit courses; $4,650 per semester (subject to change). Winter and Summer Intersession fees vary. Please plan on completing courses during either intersession options.

Financial Aid:
May be available through state and federal aid; scholarship applications from September 15 to January 15. Click to access the Financial Aid website.

Application Process:
Apply online at CalState Apply, select “Saturday Hybrid Liberal Studies.”

Program Features:

  • Hutchins School: For over forty years, this acclaimed school-within-a-school has emphasized student-led, seminar-based, interdisciplinary learning.
  • Core Courses: Three 10-unit interdisciplinary courses.
  • Senior Project: A 10-unit project based on your personal interests.
  • Field Work: Community and workplace projects round out this program with real-world activities you can leverage for career advancement.
  • In-Person Component: Monthly in-person sessions in the fall and spring semesters featuring student-led seminar discussions.
  • Online Component: Weekly asynchronous discussions with short online assignments.
  • Time Commitment: 20-30 hours/week in addition to monthly Saturday seminars.
  • Writing-focused: This program emphasizes writing over testing, with excellent writing support available.

Student Support:
Pre-admission consultation, program advising, writing support.

Campus Resources:
Limited student services; no Student Health Center or campus housing access.