Saturday Hybrid Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies Degree Completion Programs: Apply

Application Process

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to the program is based on the standard CSU transfer requirements:
    • 60 semester units of transferable college-level work with a C average, completed by the end of the semester before enrollment in the program. (Summer and Winter Intersession not included).
      • 30 of these units must be in general education at a C or better, including
      • A1 Oral Communication
      • A2 Composition (College Level English)
      • A3 Critical Thinking
      • B4 Math/Quantitative Reasoning (College Level Math)

Entrance requirements can be in progress or planned when you apply, but they must be completed by the end of the Spring semester preceding enrollment.

Steps To Apply

If you meet with admission requirements listed above, please feel free to apply following the steps listed below:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose "transfer student"
  3. Next pick your term "Fall", then create an account
  4. Please be sure to choose you are an "upper division transfer student" and in order to locate our -program in the application; you will click "add program"
  5. You will be able to search "Sonoma" in the search tab
  6. From there, our program is under the "Sonoma Extension" section
  7. You will click the Saturday Hybrid Liberal Studies program
  8. You will then proceed with entering in your information
  9. One of the last steps is submitting the $70 application fee
  10. From there we will connect with you once we see your application has been submitted, with next steps such as sending in your transcripts to Sonoma State


The Saturday Hybrid BA Degree Completion program accepts 15 students per cohort, with one cohort starting each fall semester. Once we have admitted 15 students, we start a wait list so that applicants may move off of that list if someone cancels.

Also, being on the waitlist ensures your spot in the formation of the next cohort for the following semester. If this occurs, speak with an advising coordinator to see if there is coursework you can complete in that semester-in-waiting before you join your cohort the following semester.