Audio & Recording Production: Overview

At a Glance

Program Type
Certificate (Non-Credit)
Fall and Spring
Delivery Method
Field of Interest
Audio Recording
Certificate Courses
Days of Week
Two semesters
Total Units
2 CEUs (upon completion of part II)

Are you passionate about music and audio production? Dreaming of making your mark in the industry? Discover the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a profession with SSU's Audio and Recording Production Certificate.

Our program offers you exclusive access to the cutting-edge Walford Recording Studio, housed in the state-of-the-art Pro Tools HD facility within Ives Hall at Sonoma State University. Here, you'll not only learn but also create music as an integral part of our structured curriculum.

Program Details and Eligibility

To ensure that our program is the right fit for you, a dedicated faculty coordinator from the Department of Music will evaluate prospective students through a comprehensive screening and application process. While a basic orientation with computers and some fundamental music/audio experience is expected, we're here to guide you on your journey. If you can read music notation, that's a plus!

Join our information session at the start of the academic semester to gain deeper insights into what awaits you.

Program Structure

The Audio and Recording Production Certificate consists of two core courses:

Audio & Recording Production I (Fall)

In this fundamentals course, we will lay the foundation for your audio and recording journey, covering essential technologies and techniques for modern recording and production. Here are some of the exciting topics you'll delve into:

  • The Recording/Production Process
  • Sound, Hearing, Studio Design, and Acoustics
  • Microphone Design, Applications, and Techniques
  • Analog and Digital Audio Technologies
  • MIDI and Electronic Music Technology

Audio & Recording Production II (Spring)

Building on the knowledge gained in the first course, this advanced program will focus on the critical and creative aspects of production. You'll culminate your learning journey with a captivating capstone project that brings together your acquired recording and mixing techniques.

Here's what you'll explore

  • Advanced Pro Tools Session Procedures and Protocols
  • The Art and Technology of Mixing, Monitoring, and Mastering
  • Sound Processing: Shaping and Effecting Audio
  • Advanced Editing Techniques and Time/Pitch Manipulation
  • Sound Formats, Multimedia, and the Web

Certification and Graduation

Upon successfully completing both courses, you'll be awarded the prestigious Audio and Recording Production Certificate. This recognition opens doors in the music and audio production industry, providing you with the skills and confidence to pursue your dreams.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of sound, creativity, and professionalism. Don't miss your chance to transform your passion into a career. Apply today, and let's create music together at SSU's Walford Recording Studio!

Fall 2024

Registration is now open.

Course begins Tuesday, August 20, 6:00 pm - 7:40 pm.

Course Fee: $550/semester
Duration: 15 weeks
Delivery Method: In-person
Instructor: Thom Limbert

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