The estimated total engagement required of you by the course is 6-7 hours per week. The course meets for 14 weeks via online Zoom classroom sessions. The course format includes topics introduced weekly, plus PMP practice test quizzes, team homework exercises, and a final take-home assignment. The course is primarily focused on training you to be a better project manager, plus provide you go on to getting your PMP after completing this class. 

The CSU requires students to take 9 units of upper-division general education in areas B, C, and D after reaching Junior status (60 semester units). As part of your curriculum, faculty will choose courses on the approved list. Such courses may also be taken during Summer or Winter Intersession at SSU.

The Business Degree Completion program at North Bay Community Colleges offers a concentration in Management. If you wish to pursue any of the other Concentrations (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Financial Management, Wine Business Strategies, or your own custom concentration), you may apply to the campus-based program according to prescribed deadlines.

The major consists of 48 upper-division units: 28 units of core courses; 12 units of Management Concentration coursework; and 8 units of electives to be chosen by program faculty, for a total of twelve 4-unit courses in the major. Program courses are outlined on our Curriculum page. 

Each major at Sonoma State offers a capstone experience to help students consolidate their work and reflect on what they have learned. In our program, students take an Introduction to Portfolio and a Portfolio Evaluation course, taken in the Spring of the year they plan to graduate. These courses total 4 units under the Social Sciences division.

The major consists of 50 upper-division units taken in three Core Areas: 15 units of Arts/Humanities, 15 units of Social Sciences, 6 units of Natural Sciences, 10 units of Electives from any of the Core Areas as well as a 4-unit Cumulative Portfolio Project. Classes are chosen each semester to provide a selection for each Core Area.

The program shares responsibility with you in finding a clinical preceptor but has final review and approval overview.  At each site we will supply you with a list of approved preceptors, who have indicated they are willing to accept our students.   You are also encouraged to seek out new sites that may be more convenient to you travel-wise but within a 75 min. travel radius from the various campuses.  We will assist you by making phone calls and visiting possible or potential sites to explain and describe the responsibilities and role of preceptorship. 

The clinical component currently constitutes a minimum of 3 hours/clinical unit per week thus if you are registered for 3 units = 9 hours, 4 units = 12 hours etc. Please note that all clinical courses are 16 weeks in length. 


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